Inspiration Vue Print and Cut Mat Pack

Pazzles® Inspiration® Vῡe™ Print and Cut Mats are great for use with the Inspiration® Vῡe™ as part of Pazzles® innovative print and cut process. Pazzles® Print and Cut mats include a grid to aid in paper placement and serve as the standard cutting mat for the Inspiration® Vῡe™.

Includes: 2 16” x 13.25”'' Print and Cut Mats for Inspiration® Vῡe™

  Print and Cut Mats      IVPCMAT    £21.99  

Inspiration Pen Tool Spacer

Every pen is unique, so setting each pen depth in the Pazzles® Pen Tools is different. With the Pen Tool Spacer setting the pen depth is simple. For use with Pazzles® Creative Cutter® Inspiration® and Inspiration® Vῡe™ Pen Tool. Includes 1 Pen Tool Spacer. Inspiration® Pen Tool sold separately.

 Inspiration Pen Tool Spacer    INPTS254       £2.99  

Pastry Replacement Blades

Two replacement blades for the Pazzles Pastry Tool. Periodically replace the blade in your Pastry Tool to get like new cuts again! Made from FDA approved material!

Includes: two replacement blades for the Pazzles Pastry Tool. Pastry Tool NOT included.

Pastry Replacement Blades     INCBP02    £8.99    

Pastry Starter Kit

The Pastry Starter Kit has everything you need to start creating confectionery masterpieces using your Inspiration Creative Cutter®. Using the included supplies you will be able to cut fondant, gum paste, sugar veil, cookie dough, fruit leather, pie dough, sliced cheese and so much more! Decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake balls, candies, and many other edible treats for home made pastries that look professional without the expensive price tag. Wow your guests as you create themed parties with matching invitations, decorations, and pastries! All this while still having the creative freedom to create and cut your own custom made designs and text. No cartridges or special machine required!

Includes: one Pastry tool and blade for cutting edible materials; a food safe mat for cutting your designs on; a starter CD with images perfect for pastries and video tutorials to help you learn how to use the Pastry tool; a pick tool for working with your design; one sheet of Wilton Sugar Sheet® in black; and four removable rollers to replace the permanent rollers on your Inspiration.

Pastry Starter Kit     £39.95   

12 X 12 Cutting MAT

These 12''x12'' mats hold your paper in place while you cut and are essential for the Inspiration.

For use with Inspiration

Includes: 2 12''x12'' Mats for Inspiration

INMAT      INSPIRATION MAT 12"X12" 2 PACK  £19.99

12 X 24 Cutting Mat

These 12''x24'' mats are twice the length of our original mats! Now you can cut up to 24'' long or save time on your projects by cutting two pages at once!

For use with Inspiration

Includes: 2 12''x24'' Mats for Inspiration

IMAT24   INSPIRATION 12X24 MAT 2PK  £34.99


Replacement Blades

Durable and affordable, Inspiration blades are built to cut through many materials including cardstock, vinyl, vellum, and chipboard. Sold in packs of two. Please note that the paper backing behind the blades open up into a book which contains instructions for replacing your blade.

For use with Inspiration


NEW Pen Tool

Fits many brands and sizes of pens and markers

Fits Fine Point Sharpie markers

The new and improved Inspiration Pen Tool features a patent-pending thumbscrew-free design. The aluminum barrel has an easy-twist center screw that tightens around pens and markers of all shapes and sizes! This new design centers pens perfectly allowing for precision detail and alignment when drawing and cutting.


Fabric Cutting Mat

 You can create your own beautiful fabric appliques and quilting blocks using your Creative Cutter and a fabric mat! Our fabric mat is covered with a very strong adhesive to keep your fabric from sliding as you cut. We also highly recommend using a fabric stiffener on your fabric for a better cut.

Includes: 1   13''x15'' red fabric mat

FM01   FABRIC   CUTTING MAT    £16.25

Engraving Mat

Intended for use with the Pazzles Engraving tool. The shiny metallic surface of our engraving mat allows you to accurately place your engraving every time. Create templates on your engraving mat so that you can properly line up dog tags, popsicle sticks and more for a perfectly positioned engrave!

Includes: 1 12''x12'' engraving mat


Needle punch / Embossing Mat

Emboss or pierce on practically everything! Our embossing mat has a plush surface allowing for you to achieve a deeper emboss with our embossing tool or a more pronounced pierce with our piercing tool.

Includes: 1   13''x15'' plush embossing mat


Thick Rubber Stamp Material

Thick Stamp material

1 12''x15'' replacement sheet of thick rubber stamp material for the Pazzles stamp kit. Thin rubber sold separately.

For use with the Stamp Kit

Includes: 1  12''x15'' sheet thick rubber

THRS     THICK RUBBER STAMP SHEET 12"X15"     £11.99

Thin Rubber Stamp Material

Thin Rubber Stamp Material

1 12''x15'' replacement sheet of thin rubber stamp material for the Pazzles stamp kit. Thick rubber sold separately.

For use with the Stamp Kit

Includes: 1 12''x15'' sheet thin rubber


Vinyl packs


TROPICS                                                 PRIMARY

Vinyl designs are one of the hottest trends in the crafting world today. With your Creative Cutter you can create custom vinyl designs that would cost you a fortune to have made for you! Vinyl designs can be applied to any smooth surface including vehicles, dishes, walls, and wooden plaques. Create your own custom dishware, advertise your business on your vehicle, or create beautiful wall words for your home. Our vinyl is high quality ensuring that it will last through your dishwasher or outsides on your car. Once you have given vinyl a try you will wonder how you ever went without! Our Jewels pack comes with 5 12''x12'' sheets of vinyl. Also included is one sheet of transfer tape so that you can apply your vinyl to your project with professional results. Choose from dark blue, dark red, dark green, dark brown, dark purple or get our variety pack for a sheet of each color!

Includes: 5 12''x12'' sheets of the color of your choice
Variety pack includes 1 12''x12'' sheet of each color (5 sheets total)
Also included in each pack is 1 12''x12" sheet of transfer tape

Vinyl packs  £15.50 Choose your colours from the drop box below